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Leeuwdoringstad lies about 40 kilometres east of Wolmaransstad and 100 south-west of Klerksdorp. It was given the name from the plentiful thorn tree thickets in the vicinity. The town was laid out in 1908, and was predominantly a railway siding to begin with. It was built on a farm (Reitkuil) belonging to a man named A. Strachen, an early farmer in the district. It was proclaimed in 1920 and received village council status in 1958.

Map showing Potchefstroom,and  Klerksdorp Districts.

In July 1932, a fright train of 32 trucks loaded with 1 200 tons of dynamite exploded whilst passing through the railway station. It took only a slight bump from anther engine to set off the explosion. The sound of the explosion could be heard in Wolmaransstad, 40 kilometres distant, and pieces of wreckage from the blast were found ten kilometres away! Fortunately, only five fatalities occurred and a herd of cattle were killed, but nearly all buildings were to varying degrees damaged. A museum in Leeudoringstad testifies to this disaster.
The town became the headquarters of the South-Western Transvaal Co-operative Agricultural Society in the 1920's and it developed around an agricultural economy specializing in maize, ground-nuts and sunflowers. At hearings of the Truth and  Reconciliation Commission in 1996, evidence was heard of police brutality towards some of the town's black residents.  

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