Sekete IV Sekete IV

Title Kgosi (Chief)
Other Names
Date of Birth 1770-00-00
Date of Death 1810-00-00

Updated 4 Nov 2016

 Sekete, also called Moseletsana, was one of the best  remembered of the baFokeng "warrior kings" of the difaqane period. He became kgosi in about 1800 when conflict was beginning to engulf the western highveld. He was involved in a major conflict with the baPo, which ended in a victory for the baFokeng, and the baPo leader, Moerane, was captured. Moerane was held captive at Phokeng for several years, and the submission of the baPo was assured.
Sekete also was involved in conflict with the baMmatau, and was involved in a personal duel with their kgosi, a man named Kgaswane. According to traditions, Kgaswane was stabbed in the thigh, while Sekete sustained a wound to the knee. Kgaswane's son, Bogatsu, was captured in one of these engagements. Sekete also attacked the baTlokwa and stole their crops and cattle.  Sekete's general aggression seemed to have initiated a local alliance united in opposition to him.  After his release, Bogatsu entered into an alliance with the baKgatla-ba-Kgafela and the baTlokwa, and in an engagement at Pilwe hill on the farm Zwartkoppies, Sekete was killed, again according to baPo traditions, by Bogatsu. (See also Difaqane)   

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