Mathakgong Kodumela

Title Military Leader
Other Names
Date of Birth 1861-00-00
Date of Death 1936-00-00
Mathakgong Kodumela     
Born c.1861, died c.1936. He was born in Seadira Ward in Bokone, Mafikeng, in the 1860s Mathakgong was probably the most active and most successful moRolong military leader during the famous Siege of Mafikeng which lasted from 1900 to 1901. While General Baden-Powell's British soldiers would not venture beyond the Boer lines, Mathakong would "in numerous forays," lead a Rolong contingent, make a detour round the back of a Boer camp or laager, get amongst the enemy's cattle and drive them away into Mafikeng. Mathakgong and his men would also attack Boer farmsteads in the greater Mafikeng area.
He was responsible for leading most of the cattle raids into Boer lines at night and was fully engaged in numerous battles during the latter half of the Siege of Mafikeng when the food situation was critical. On many occasions, he was surrounded by Boer forces but always escaped unharmed every time. Following his nocturnal exploits, he never failed, despite physical exhaustion, to give his report to the town's magistrate, Charles Bell. In and around Mafikeng, Mathakgong was greatly regarded as a hero at the time and long afterwards. He died a very old man in c.1936.

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