Nicholaas Pieter Johannes Van Rensburg

Title Prophet/Seer
Other Names
Date of Birth 1862-08-30
Date of Death 1926-03-11

Updated 9 Nov 2016

Nicholas Pieter Johannes van Rensburg.
Born 30 August 1862 died 11 March 1926. Van Rensburg was a prophet or seer who was born in Ottosdal. He is regarded as South Africa's Nostradamus. He read the bible avidly as a young man, and from the knowledge he gleaned was allegedly able to make predictions about the future.
At the age of 21 he was appointed as an elder of the Gereformeerde Kerk congregation in Wolmaranstad. He fought in the South African war (1899-1902) and had visions of burning Boer farmsteads and the murder of Boer women and children. So traumatic were these visions that he was forced to leave the arena of conflict and return to his farm to recover. A number of his visions regarding events and situations pertaining to the war came to be, and he gained the name of "Van Rensburg die Siener" (van Rensburg the Seer). He then moved around the Transvaal with a number of different commandoes, his appointed job being to try and predict enemy troop movements. However, he predicted a Boer defeat ultimately, which did not endear him to many of his comrades.   
After the war ended he returned to his farm and was sought after by many people to predict their futures and fortunes in life. He allegedly predicted the First World war as early as 1911, the Afrikaner rebellion of 1914, led by General "Koos" de la Rey, the Great Influenza epidemic of 1918, the discovery of the Lichtenburg diamond fields, the electoral victory of the National Party in 1924, and the Great Depression. His predictions have engaged people in South Africa up to the present. He is credited for example for predicting the end of white rule, the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic, and the divorce of Princess Diana and Prince Charles and her subsequent demise. He himself was imprisoned during the 1914 rebellion, and whilst in prison predicted the death of the Judge who sentenced him-which event occurred three days after his incarceration! 
He had a strong, and according to some, negative influence over de la Rey, the Boer General and politician. He predicted his death in 1914 and came to Lichtenburg to warn him of it. His subsequent visions were recorded on paper by his daughter.              

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