Ramono Pilane

Title Kgosi (Chief)
Other Names
Date of Birth 1846-03-18
Date of Death 1917-00-00
Ramono Pilane Born 18 March 1846; died 1917. Ramono was the second-born son of Kgosi Kgamanyane and one of his wives, Dikolo. He grew up in Saulspoort until April 1870 when he became part of the baKgatla that emigrated to Mochudi (See Kgosi Kgamanyane). During the South African War of 1899-1902, Ramono commanded one of several Kgatla regiments, the Makoba. In February, 1903, at the end of the war, Ramono returned to Mochudi, sent by his elder brother, Chief Lentswe to become his representative over the Bakgatla in the Pilanesberg. In the First World War, Ramono fought against the Germans in South West Africa. Ramono, educated and a practising Christian, married Thabole's widow, Martha, soon after he assumed the Saulspoort chieftainship in 1903. Like his brother, Lentswe, Ramono also actively gave material support to the DRC in his area, especially Saulspoort. Soon after his arrival in Saulpoort from Mochudi in 1903, for example, Ramono contributed to the cost of enlarging the old church building and paid the salary of an evangelist. Ramono ruled until his death in 1917.

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