Herman Charles Bosman

Title Writer
Other Names Charles
Date of Birth 1905-02-03
Date of Death 1951-10-14


Edited 12 Oct 2016

 Herman Charles Bosman
Born, 3 February 1905; died, 14 October 1951.

Bosman was born in Kuilsrivier, near Cape Town, on 3 February 1905. Having qualified as a school-teacher, he was appointed to teach in a small school in the Groot Marico on the farm Heimweeberg in 1926. His family home, however, was in Johannesburg. Bosman had hardly settled down to his teaching job in the Marico when, during a school holiday in Johannesburg, he got involved in a shooting incident in which his step-brother died. Found guilty, he was sentenced to death, but the sentence was commuted to 10 years in prison with hard labour. After 4 years in jail, he was paroled in 1931. For the next three years, he lived in Johannesburg, while writing poetry. In 1934, he went to England where he worked as a journalist, returning to South Africa when the Second World War broke out.
Three of his books were published while he was still alive.

 After his death, more of his work was published, which included over one hundred short stories, many essays and a considerable amount of poetry. The context of the majority of his short stories is the Groot Marico, its people and biodiversity. Bosman's short stories both created and captured a sense of the rustic virtues and vices of the Boer population in the Marico bushveld region of the North West Province. In 1993, a group of Marico residents formed the Herman Charles Bosman Literary Society (HCBLS), in memory of the life, role and literary works of this famous Marico figure. Among its accomplishments were the construction of an exact replica of the old farm school, Hemweeberg, in which Bosman had taught, now home of the  Herman Charles Bosman Living Museum.  This museum was opened in 2005 and hosts cultural events such as the annual Bosman weekend -- a celebration of Bosman's works.  This in fact is true.

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