Cornelius Johannes Bodenstein

Title Politician
Other Names
Date of Birth 1826-00-00
Date of Death 1885-00-00

Bodenstein, Cornelius Johannes.
Born in Graff-Reinet in 1826, he died in Pretoria 1885. Bodenstein's family moved from Natal to the Transvaal, settling in Potchefstroom in 1850, becoming one of the earliest trekker families in today's North West province.  He built an illustrious career in the town. He was appointed to the post of field-cornet for Potchefstroom in 1853. In this capacity, he became a delegate of the Transvaal and a signatory to the peace treaty with the Orange Free State in 1857, after the failed attempt to impose unity on the two Republics. He sided with Marthinus Wessel Pretorius after the Volksraad (Parliament) dismissed him as President of the Transvaal, a sign of the divisive nature of Boer politics in the 1860's as unity proved to be difficult to achieve. For his public protest on Pretorius' part, he was summoned to appear in the supreme court and was heavily fined -- his co-accused never bothered to make a court appearance. In 1863, he was appointed Landdros (Magistrate) for Potchefstroom, a position he held for only two years, as he turned his attention to the drawing up of municipal regulations for Potchefstroom. From 1869 to 1877 he was a member of the Volksraad representing Potchefstroom, and from 1875 he was elevated to the position of chairman. From this time, he effectively moved to Pretoria, though he maintained his connection with the town.    

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