Battle of Moreteletse

Start Date End Date
1900-02-25 1900-02-25
Battle during South African War between Boers and baKgatla.

During the South African War Chief Linchwe of the BaKgatla, then residing in British Bechuanaland (later Botswana )  sent the Mojanko regiment, under the command of a man named Modise, to assist his people at Moruleng (Saulspoort). In a major military engagement against Boer commandos at Moreteletse in the Mabeskraal area, the baKgatla "captured 300 Boer trek oxen, and 2 vehicles [i.e. wagons] and successfully brought them off." Unfortunately for the baKgatla, it was also in this battle that Tlatsi, Linchwe's Ntona (confidential assistant), was killed in action.

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