The following is a list of the people we have biographies on.

Title First Name Last Name
Community Worker Malethola Maggie Nkwe Read More
Kgosi (Chief) Ramono Pilane Read More
Teacher Noel Pilane Read More
Kgosi (Chief) Isang Pilane Read More
Kgosi (Chief) Tshomankane Pilane Read More
Kgosi Tidimane Samuel Ramono Pilane Read More
Writer and Politician Solomon Plaatje Read More
Boer Leader Andries Hendrick Potgieter Read More
Boer Leader Andries Pretorius Read More
Trader Robert Scoon Read More
Kgosi (Chief) Sekete IV Sekete IV Read More
Politician and Community Activist. Joe Wetshotsile Seremane Read More
Reverend Kenneth Spooner Read More
Artist Irma Steyn Read More
Kgosi (Chief) and Founding Figure Tau Tau Read More
Commandant Daniel Theron Read More
Kgosi (Chief) Thethe IV Thethe IV Read More
Student Leader Onkgopotse Abraham Tiro Read More
Prophet/Seer Nicholaas Pieter Johannes Van Rensburg Read More
Trekker Leader Jan Viljoen Read More

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