The following is a list of the people we have biographies on.

Title First Name Last Name
Kgosi (Chief) Ikalafeng Ikalafeng Read More
Kgosi Linchwe (or Lentswe) Kgamanyane Read More
Chief (Kgosi) Kgaswane Read More
Political Activist/Politician Johnson Khasu Read More
Military Leader Mathakgong Kodumela Read More
Political Leader and Activist Moses Kotane Read More
Farmer, Politician, Military Leader. Paulus Stefanus Kruger Read More
Missionary David Livingstone Read More
Politician and Political Activist Kaone Lobelo Read More
Reverend/Missionary John Mackenzie Read More
Premier Supra Mahumapelo Read More
Politician Lucas Manyane Mangope Read More
Kgosi (Chief) Mankurwane Mankurwane Read More
Political Leader John Beaver "JB" Marks Read More
Botanist and Herbalist Grace Masuku Read More
Reverend Senoelo Matshego Read More
Missionary Robert Moffat Read More
Chief (Kgosi) Mogale Mogale Read More
Artist John Koenakeefe Mohl Read More
Kgosi (chief) Moiloa II Moiloa Read More

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