The following is a list of the people we have biographies on.

Title First Name Last Name
Morafe (Chiefdom) baFokeng Read More
Morafe (Chiefdom) baKwena ba Mogopa Read More
Morafe Chiefdom baTlhaping Read More
Morafe (Chiefdom) Barolong Read More
Consul-General of South Africa to Nigeria Darkey Africa Read More
Morafe (Chiefdom) BaHurutshe Read More
Morafe Bakubung ba Ratheo Bakubung ba Ratheo Read More
Soldier and Agent Christopher Bethell Read More
Politician Cornelius Johannes Bodenstein Read More
Writer Herman Charles Bosman Read More
Missionary John Campbell Read More
Boer Scout in the South African War Theron Daniel Johannes Read More
Frontier Brigand Coenraad de Buys Read More
Military Leader/Politician Jacobus Herculaas de La Rey Read More
Theologian, Politician Thomas Frederick Dreyer Read More
Theologian, Academic and Poet Jacobus Daniel Du Toit Read More
Trekboer Johan Adam Enslin Read More
Missionary Henri Gonin Read More
Collector and Farmer John Gaspard Gubbins Read More
Hunter and Explorer David Hume Read More

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